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I have taught this course repeatedly since 2005. Here you will find the course as taught in the Fall 2020 semester (UAlbany course listing Phy 425/525). It is geared towards physics graduate and advanced undergraduate students.

The course consists of 27 lectures and is roughly divided into two parts. Lectures 1-12 and 16-20 concentrate on inference (probability, entropy, and information) and should be accessible to people comfortable with advanced calculus. The second part (Lectures 13-15 and 21-27) concentrate on the foundations of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics. These lectures assume a knowledge of statistical and quantum mechanics at the advanced undergraduate level.

The course syllabus includes the links to the videos and lecture notes. Course syllabus


The material in this course is presented in the (still unfinished) book "Entropic Physics: Probability, Entropy, and the Foundations of Physics.”


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